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Sex, Depression, Selfies, Poetry.

Anon hate? Save it.

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"Just grab me, push me on the bed. Kiss me as you explore my body with your hands. Gently. Softly. Slowly. Increasing my heart rate. Kiss my neck and give me hickies in places where others won’t see. Scratch my back and pull my hair. Whisper in my ear how bad you want me."

Anonymous (via jackieeejax)

Last night was pretty rad


we can all agree that lesbian sex is the best kind of sex


Finally home. Time to write

"What whiskey can not cure there is no cure for."

Irish Proverb (via somegirlnamedkaitlyn)


I’m just so emotionally attached to a lot of the people I follow. Like, I might not even talk to you, but I’ll see your little icon and url pop up on my dash and I’ll just stare at it and smile and be like: friend.